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The article discusses the ethical and legal implications of generative AI, with potential regulations on the horizon, including the European AI Act, which categorizes AI applications based on risk, and Brazil’s recent legal framework for AI. Businesses are encouraged to consider self-regulation in alignment with these emerging legal frameworks​1​.

What technology is the focus of the article?
A) Quantum Computing
B) Generative AI
C) Virtual Reality
D) Blockchain

What is one of the notable potential regulations discussed in the article?
A) The American Internet Act
B) The European AI Act
C) The South American Data Act
D) The Asian Cybersecurity Act

Which of the following is NOT one of the risk categories proposed by the European AI Act?
A) Applications and systems that pose an unacceptable risk
B) High-risk applications
C) Low-risk applications
D) Applications not explicitly banned or high-risk

Bottom Line:

As generative AI impacts various sectors, including marketing, it’s crucial for marketers to understand the emerging legislation and consider how self-regulation might align with these legal frameworks to ensure reliability, accountability, fairness, and transparency.

Answers to the Multiple Choice Questions:

B) Generative AI
B) The European AI Act
C) Low-risk applications

Link to the article: Generative AI: Exploring Ethics, Copyright and Regulation