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Embark on this journey with trust and support; we understand it’s a daunting task, but with Vivander Advisors’ AI Transformation Process, you’re not alone.

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Elevate your event with insightful AI keynotes, enhancing productivity, revenue, and innovation. Discover actionable insights and practical strategies for success in your industry.

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Enhance your skills in generative AI for text, image, and video with Vivander Advisors’ comprehensive training programs.”

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Vivander Advisors specializes in helping businesses adopt AI technology effectively. Their approach includes providing strategic guidance, expert consultations, and comprehensive education to support companies in navigating the complexities of AI integration. By partnering with Vivander Advisors, businesses can transform the challenge of adopting AI into a valuable opportunity for success.

Michael has an innate passion for the evolving digital world. While many people stagnate, he has continued to stay on top of changing technology and marketing trends – earning his reputation in the hospitality industry for innovation.

As a leader, he created a friendly work environment among his team and contributed not just ideas, but also practical efforts that generated results. He is a strong team player through and through.

Michael is a high energy, results focused leader, who has a natural curiosity and creativity that is contagious with the teams he works with.

We worked together on an enormous technology migration, and the level of passion and excitement Michael brought each day had a tremendous impact on our successful outcome.

Michael is a top-notch team player that adds value to any organization he works in.

Vivander Advisors

The Core Leader of Vivander Advisors

Michael J. Goldrich

Founder & Chief Advisor

Michael J. Goldrich, founder and chief advisor of Vivander Advisors, excels in digital and AI strategies, driving transformative growth. His expertise in generative AI establishes him as a prominent figure in this fast-growing field. Michael authored the book, “Too Many Hats, Too Little Time” to share how to leverage AI personas as on-demand subject matter experts. He developed a five-step process to guide companies in AI transformation. Goldrich further extends his influence by serving as Chief Experience Officer at The Hotels Network, an organization driven by AI and data. His expertise in “predictive personalization” has established him as a sought-after consultant and a pivotal figure in shaping the future of customer engagement within the hospitality sector.


During Michael’s tenure as Head of Global Marketing at Club Quarters Hotels, he successfully pivoted the post-pandemic target business segment to attract younger, local leisure travelers, boosting brand contribution. His wide-ranging experience includes transforming marketing organizations by implementing and optimizing e-commerce and digital capabilities for global businesses such as Starwood, Accenture, Monster Worldwide, and Wyndham.

Michael’s innovative contributions have earned him various accolades, including the Platinum Adrian Award for an exceptional social media campaign, Gold Adrian Award for an inventive website, and 40 under 40 from the Westchester Business Council. In 2020, HSMAI selected him as one of the Top 25 Extraordinary Minds in Sales, Marketing, and Revenue Optimization.

Holding a BA in Literature from the University of Michigan and an MA in Business Communications from Northwestern University, Michael Goldrich is a dedicated leader committed to delivering value to organizations seeking to advance their projects and elevate their performance.


What We Do Best


We analyze client needs, research market trends, identify growth opportunities, create tailored plans, and provide actionable insights for success.


We assess business challenges, offer expert advice, devise solutions, share industry knowledge, and facilitate change for improved performance.


We evaluate skill gaps, design targeted courses, deliver engaging training, track progress, and empower employees for future success.


We gather data, perform in-depth assessments, identify patterns, uncover insights, and provide informed recommendations for strategic decision-making.


We identify repetitive tasks, design efficient workflows, implement AI solutions, streamline processes, and boost productivity with minimal errors.


We deliver compelling presentations, share industry expertise, engage audiences, inspire action, and promote thought leadership in AI and hospitality.

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