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The article discusses how Accor Hotels and other hospitality giants are leveraging the potential of the metaverse to enhance customer experiences, such as virtually experiencing hotel rooms before booking, amplifying on-trip experiences, and even using the metaverse for staff training​1​.

Which hospitality company is exploring the potential of the metaverse for enhancing guest experiences?
A) Hilton
B) Accor Hotels
C) Marriott
D) Hyatt

What are some of the applications of the metaverse in the hospitality industry according to the article?
A) Virtual staff training
B) Enhancing on-trip experiences
C) Allowing customers to experience hotel rooms virtually before booking
D) All of the above

What percentage of consumers are excited about the transition of everyday activities out to the metaverse, according to research published by McKinsey?
A) 40%
B) 60%
C) 80%
D) 100%

The Bottom Line:
Marketers should note that while the metaverse provides exciting new opportunities for enhancing customer experiences and reaching younger demographics, it’s crucial to ensure these developments can reach people at scale due to the current limitations in metaverse usage among certain consumer groups​1​.

Answers to the multiple-choice questions:

B) Accor Hotels
D) All of the above
B) 60%

Article Name and Link:
“How Hotels Are Tapping Into the Potential of the Metaverse to Improve Guest Experiences” – link to the article