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Artificial intelligence (AI) can create opportunities for hospitality brands, such as breaking visual homogeneity through brand imagery and social platforms, pushing brand tone, understanding audiences and reviews quickly, ensuring better brand governance, drawing inspiration from archives, and understanding the next wave of AI-empowered, self-directed travelers.

What industry does the article primarily discuss the impact of AI on?
A.) Manufacturing
B.) Hospitality
C.) Education
D.) Healthcare

Which AI application involves using historical archives of a brand to create something entirely new?
A.) Breaking visual homogeneity
B.) Experimenting and pushing brand tone
C.) Drawing inspiration from the archives
D.) Understanding audiences and reviews quickly

What is the significance of the quote “Mediocrity is now free of charge” in the context of AI and the hospitality industry?
A.) It implies that AI can perform routine tasks without additional cost.
B.) It suggests that AI services are of mediocre quality.
C.) It indicates that AI has devalued the hospitality industry.
D.) It signifies that AI has made mediocre hotels free for all guests.

Bottom Line
A marketer should understand that AI offers a substantial opportunity to evolve brand voice and guidelines. With the assistance of tools like Chat GPT, marketers can swiftly add more depth or new elements to their copy, which could resonate with younger audiences while still respecting the master brand tone.

Answers to the multiple choice questions:

B.) Hospitality
C.) Drawing inspiration from the archives
A.) It implies that AI can perform routine tasks without additional cost​.

Link to the article: Unleashing AI: The Potential for Hospitality Brands