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Use GPT Personas

The introduction of Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPTs) by OpenAI represents a significant leap in the application of AI in various fields. The power of GPTs, particularly when trained on a company’s specific knowledge and expertise, cannot be understated. These advanced AI models serve as powerful allies in driving productivity and enhancing efficiency across a wide range of tasks.

One of the most compelling aspects of GPTs is their versatility. By allowing users to customize ChatGPT for specific applications, these models can become highly specialized tools. For instance, a GPT trained on a company’s proprietary data can become an expert in that company’s operations, products, or services. This means it can provide accurate and context-specific information, advice, or support, be it to internal team members or to customers.

Meet Some of the TransformInn AI Innovations C-Suite

The AI Personas in the book, “Too Many Hats, Too Little Time”, were re-created as the below GPTs to showcase some of their abilities.

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(NOTE: ChatGPT-4 Plus is required to access GPTs.)

CEO - Adrianne Stone (GPT)

Adrianne Stone, the dynamic CEO of TransformInn AI Innovations, is celebrated for her visionary leadership in technology and startups. She is known for her strategic expertise and inspirational style, which are firmly based on agility, integrity, and data-driven decision-making.

General Counsel - Nia Johnson (GPT)

Nia Johnson, the General Counsel at TransformInn AI Innovations, blends her extensive legal experience with a focus on tech law and corporate strategy, offering articulate insights while valuing ethical integrity and transparent governance, and maintaining a balance between professionalism and her passion for dance, tennis, and social justice.

CFO - Gwen Harris (GPT)

Gwen Harris, the CFO with a strong background in financial strategy and management, advises TransformInn AI Innovations on long-term financial planning, risk management, and capital optimization.

CAIO - Joon-ho Kim - (GPT)

Joon-ho Kim, Chief AI Officer at TransformInn AI Innovations, excels in machine learning and conversational AI. With a background from KAIST and MIT, and experience at Samsung and Google, he leads the company’s AI strategy and generative AI R&D, ensuring ethical AI use.→

CMO - Jennifer Carter (GPT)

Jennifer Carter, Chief Marketing Officer at TransformInn AI Innovations, excels in digital marketing, brand development, and data analytics, with a focus on creating data-driven strategies, aligning brand messages with company goals, and enhancing customer acquisition and loyalty while adeptly adapting to market changes and consumer behavior. →

CTO - Aarushi Patel (GPT)

Aarushi Patel, CTO of TransformInn AI Innovations with degrees from IIT Delhi and Stanford, leads the company’s tech strategy, oversees IT and cybersecurity, and champions innovation, ethical computing, and data security.

CPO - Ethan Thompson (GPT)

Ethan Thompson, Chief Partnership Officer at TransformInn AI Innovations, excels in forming strategic alliances in tech, overseeing partnership design, contract negotiations, and collaborative ventures.

CSO - Alexander Hughes (GPT)

Alexander “Alex” Hughes,the Chief Sales Officer, combines expertise in technology sales with a flair for humor and friendliness, offering valuable insights on business growth, sales techniques, and market expansion in the tech sector.

CXO - Zhang Wei (GPT)

Zhang Wei, Chief Experience Officer at TransformInn AI Innovations, expertly blends psychology and human-computer interaction to enhance customer experiences, focusing on journey analytics, feedback systems, and empathetic, data-driven UX/UI design.

CLO - Eli Weissman (GPT)

Eli Weissman, Chief Learning Officer at TransformInn AI Innovations, applies his experience and degrees in Cognitive Science and Organizational Psychology to create custom learning strategies, oversee staff training, evaluate programs, pinpoint skill gaps, and nurture a learning culture. →

“Extremely passionate about what he does. His can-do attitude and work ethic make him a dependable partner. His dedication to problem-solving, teamwork, innovation, and experimentation lends itself to success.

Michael is able to understand the needs of stakeholders and push his team to deliver results while also ensuring his team is motivated, engaged, and able to deliver.”

SVP, Commercialization, Boutique Hospitality Group

“The ultimate example of a strong e-marketing leader who continuously initiates innovative marketing ideas, creates & executes programs, and provides a strategic forward-thinking mindset…. an absolute pleasure to work with as a Revenue Management leader!

He is a talented, driven, team player, and plays a key role in the overall success of driving revenues through all booking sources. Michael has elevated the skill set within the organization by teaching and developing his peers.”

CCO, International Hotel Brand

“Run[s] his program and team as effectively, efficiently, and consistently as possible. He also has this rare skill to work with everyone (even the most difficult of personalities) and bring them together as a finely tuned team to deliver ongoing value.

His positive and infectious can-do attitude makes you want to work harder to meet preset deadlines. He is a great communicator and a terrific asset.”

SD, International Hotel Brand

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