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Hotel brands can leverage current SEO strategies, including data-driven destination prioritization, brand concierge strategy, Google Business Profile optimization, social media cooperation, user-generated content, video marketing, Core Web Vitals optimization, FAQ and voice search readiness, and competitor monitoring, to adapt to changing consumer behavior and enhance their visibility and booking rates in 2023 and beyond.

What type of data does the article suggest hotel brands should focus their SEO efforts on?
A) Trend data about popular travel destinations
B) Website traffic data
C) Historical weather data for travel destinations
D) Data about competitors’ pricing strategies

The article mentions a strategy called “Brand Concierge.” What does this involve?
A) Hiring a concierge for every hotel
B) Providing high-quality, useful content that caters to the specific needs of individual travelers
C) Setting up a dedicated call center for customer inquiries
D) Offering personal assistants to high-paying guests

In the context of the article, what are Core Web Vitals (CWV), and why are they important?
A) They are the vital functions of the hotel’s core operations, and they are important for maintaining the hotel’s services.
B) They are key metrics used to measure a website’s performance, and they are important as they became a ranking signal in 2021.
C) They are the core values of a hotel brand, and they are important for brand image.
D) They are the fundamental departments in a hotel, and they are important for efficient hotel management.

Bottom Line:
Marketers should be aware that in the competitive travel and tourism industry, it’s important to optimize your site for Core Web Vitals (CWV) as these key performance indicators became a ranking signal in 2021, and could be the factor that gives a brand the edge over its competitors​1​.

Multiple Choice Answers:
1.) A
2.) B
3.) B

Link to the article: Hospitality SEO Best Practices For 2023 & Beyond