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A study reveals that 50% of generative search engine responses lack supportive citations, and 25% of the citations provided are off point, leading to concerns about the reliability of these systems.

What is a generative search engine?
A) A system that retrieves websites through a traditional search process and writes a narrative query response like ChatGPT.
B) A new type of web browser.
C) A language translation system.
D) An email spam filter.

According to the study, what percentage of generative search engine responses lack supportive citations?
A) 25%
B) 50%
C) 75%
D) 100%

In the evaluation of four generative search engines, what was the observation regarding the most fluent and seemingly useful generated statements?
A) They were always supported by accurate citations.
B) They often lacked supportive citations.
C) They were always copied directly from web pages.
D) They were always generated by the AI model itself.

Bottom Line:
Marketers should be aware that generative search engines, while fluent and efficient, may provide responses lacking supportive citations or may cite off-point sources. This highlights the importance of verifying information and not relying solely on these systems for accurate data.

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Link to Article:
Generative Search Engines: Beware the Facade of Trustworthiness