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Hotel Special Offers Database

Special Offers

Our comprehensive database of hotel published special hotel offers is now accessible by hotel by year.

Terms and Conditions

The associated terms and conditions for each special offer, outlines the rules and guidelines for each booking.

Look and Feel

Each of our special hotel offers is accompanied by the hotel’s website published images and landing page layout.

Headlines, Copy, & CTA

Each special offer is accompanied by the headlines, CTA and detailed copy, offering a succinct view of offering.


Over 100,000 published hotel special offers. Accessible year over year.

Early Bird Discounts

These special offers provide reduced rates for customers who book their stay well in advance, encouraging forward planning.

Last-minute Deals

These are attractive offers for travelers making bookings close to their check-in date, helping hotels to fill any remaining rooms.

Extended Stay Discounts

These offers provide discounts for guests who book a stay for a longer duration, promoting longer guest retention.

Seasonal Deals

Offers catering to guests traveling during specific seasons, such as winter or summer, stimulating bookings during these periods.

Weekday Specials

These are reduced rates for guests who book their stay during weekdays, to balance occupancy rates throughout the week.

Weekend Packages

Special offers targeting leisure travelers who prefer weekend stays, driving occupancy during weekends.

Holiday Packages

These offers include special deals during festive seasons or public holidays, enticing travelers to celebrate at the hotel.

Couples Packages

Special offers designed for couples, often including romantic amenities such as dinners, spa treatments, or room upgrades.

Culinary Packages

These are offers that include fine dining experiences or cooking classes, targeting food enthusiasts.

Business Packages

Offers that include business-related amenities like access to meeting rooms, targeting corporate travelers.

Loyalty Program Deals

These are special rates or perks for members of the hotel’s loyalty program, incentivizing repeat bookings.

Pet-Friendly Packages

Deals for guests traveling with pets, including pet-friendly amenities.

Family Packages

Offers targeting families, often including family-friendly amenities like free meals for children or access to family entertainment.

Wellness Packages

These deals cater to guests interested in wellness and often include spa treatments, yoga classes, or healthy meals.

Wine and Dine Deals

Special deals including wine tasting sessions or wine pairings with meals, appealing to wine lovers.

All-inclusive Packages

These deals include all meals and drinks in the price of the room, providing a worry-free vacation.

Babymoon Packages

Special offers for expectant couples, including amenities like prenatal massage, extra-large sleep pillows or special food menus.

Spa Packages

Offers that include access to the hotel spa or free spa treatments.

Adventure Packages

These are offers that include outdoor activities, such as hiking or water sports, appealing to adventure-seeking guests.

Golf Packages

Special offers for guests interested in golf, often including access to nearby golf courses or exclusive golfing events.

Bed and Breakfast

These offers include a complimentary breakfast along with the room, providing added value.

Discounts for Locals

Offers providing reduced rates for local residents, encouraging local tourism.

Honeymoon Packages

Offers designed for honeymooners, including romantic extras like champagne or rose petal turndowns.

Free Parking Deals

These offers include complimentary parking.

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