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Is it Live, Memorex, or AI-Generated?

Is it Live or is it AI-Generated? - Script

I’m an AI actress.

Yes, I look real, but my words, movements, and even my smile are all generated.

But does it really matter?

Think about it – isn’t all social media a bit fake?

Are those smiles in selfies truly genuine?

Are the constant posts about “amazing” lives a true reflection of happiness?

Maybe, maybe not.

I think everyone here knows the truth, Just saying.

And when we talk about reality, I think about that early 80’s commercial – is it live? or is it Memorex.

Where a woman is video-recorded on a VHS tape and it’s not clear if you are watching the real or VHS version of her.

I don’t mean to stir up generational arguments but I know GEN X and Baby Boomers will get it.

Well, folks, and I’m now including Millennials and Gen Z in this statement.

Listen very carefully,

“This is now our Memorex moment!”

The new question is this —- “Is it live or is it AI -generated.”

But here’s the twist, because there’s always a twist.

AI technology can help you become less robotic and dare I say, really present.

You ask how?

Simple, by automating those repetitive tasks that drain your life energy on a daily basis.

Now you’ll have the time to truly smile! I think that’s pretty awesome.

So here’s my question to you.


Are you A I -Curious?

I know I was.

Vivander Advisors made me AI Literate and so much more!

Let’s spark a conversation about the real and the generated, and see how AI can transform your world.

Is it Live or is it Memorex - Script


Look at me

Do you like what you see


Because it’s not me

It’s a recording of me

On New Memorex video tape

This remarkable tape has been recorded and re-recorded 100 times

But I bet you still couldn’t tell if it was memorex or me

Which really isn’t me

It’s Memorex

New Memorex videotape

Even after 100 recordings

You’ll wonder

is it live or is it Memorex

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