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The article discusses how Microsoft’s AI, particularly DALL∙E 2, is being used innovatively by brands such as Mattel and others to generate images from natural language descriptions, enhancing creativity, improving productivity, and ensuring responsible usage of AI.

Which AI technology is the focus of the article?
A) GPT-3
C) Watson
D) Alexa

What is a unique application of DALL∙E 2 mentioned in the article?
A) Predicting stock market trends
B) Creating unique image for each scene in audiobooks
C) Directing traffic in smart cities
D) Conducting surgical operations

What measures have been taken to prevent DALL∙E 2 from delivering inappropriate outputs?
A) Removing explicit content from the training dataset
B) Deploying filters to reject prompts violating content policy
C) Integrating techniques to prevent creating images of celebrities
D) All of the above

The Bottom Line:
The integration of AI tools like DALL∙E 2 in business can enhance creativity and productivity, providing a platform for creating unique visual content and imagining future possibilities. This opens up new avenues for brand expression and customer engagement.

Answers to Multiple Choice Questions:

B) Creating unique image for each scene in audiobooks
D) All of the above

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