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Thought Leadership

Published Articles

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A BHR Interview with Michael Goldrich Boston University Hospitality Review The evolution of hospitality marketing from static online brochures to dynamic digital platforms, marked by the integration of AI technologies, underscores the industry’s adaptability and transformative potential in enhancing guest experiences and operational efficiency.
Breaking Barriers: Hotels Are Reclaiming Power in Website Management HospitalityNet The crucial role of hotel websites in customer engagement and revenue generation, advocating for hotels to retain control over content and functionality, avoid exclusive partnerships to ensure access to diverse tools, and adapt continuously to evolving guest expectations and market dynamics.
The Transformative Role of RevGenAI Ops in Hospitality Hospitality Upgrade, Spring 2024, Page 98 The importance of a RevGenAI Ops role in integrating artificial intelligence throughout an organization’s operations cannot be overstated. This role strategically coordinates AI initiatives with business goals, revolutionizing customer experiences, operational efficiency, and revenue generation. It highlights the crucial role of a visionary leader in using AI to gain a competitive edge.
HSMAI Foundation Special Report: The State of Hotel Sales, Marketing, and Revenue Optimization Talent 2023-2024 HSMAI Foundation Quoted in Trend 8 :
AI Powers Wisdom Work and Reduces Routine
Tasks: Transforming the Workplace Landscape
GDS Optimization REVFINE Industry Expert Panel
eBook: AI and Hospitality: What’s in Store for the hotel industry in 2024 Co-Published: The Hotels Network and Vivander Advisors  For 2024, hotel guests will navigate a new landscape
in their quest for information, moving from traditional search engines to
advanced AI-driven platforms.
AI Delay is Organization Decay Hospitality Upgrade

Delaying AI equals halting organizational progress, especially in the intricate sector of the hotel industry. No longer merely a technological stride, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is swiftly becoming a foundational element of the sector.

Hotels hesitant about adopting this change not only face potential stagnation but also the challenging ripple effects of halted organizational momentum.

Granting Wishes: How AI is Revolutionizing the Hotel Experience Hospitality Upgrade Generative AI has the potential to transform the way hospitality businesses operate and make them even more personal, from streamlining operations to providing personalized experiences for guests.
Direct Channel Marketing (Pages 8-9) HSMAI Europe This eBook is crafted for professionals who are constantly seeking innovative technology
opportunities and solutions.
Revolutionizing The Hospitality Industry With Generative AI – A Guide for Prompt Engineering and Introducing AI Agents Hospitality.net Generative AI presents a very significant opportunity for companies to drive growth, reduce costs, and enhance customer satisfaction.
Revolutionizing The Hospitality Industry With Generative AI Hotel Executive Generative AI presents a very significant opportunity for companies to drive growth, reduce costs, and enhance customer satisfaction.

An Exciting New Role at Hotels

Hospitality Upgrade This role solve the disconnect that exists between corporate teams and the hotel team.
Disruption, Innovation, and Evolution for Hotel Marketing 2023 The Hotels Network 12 trends that will transform how hotel marketing will function in 2023.
Extending Your Hotel’s Social Media Strategy Beyond Brand Awareness Hotel Executive It’s vital to stay up to date with the latest trends in social media, and constantly evaluating how to translate them into increased brand exposure for your hotel.
Bye Bye Resort Fees – How to Fill Your Pending Revenue Hole The Hotels Network Resort fees are about to be a thing of the past; make sure your hotel’s revenue is here to stay.
Are you going to miss the best time to sell hotel rooms in 2023? eHotelier While many believe Black Friday is the best time for a Flash Sale on hotel rooms, there is an even better time.
Holiday Gatherings And The Countdown To Stress Global Travel Media How hotels can help their guests find the balance between family time and “me time”.
Ways to Convert Lookers to Bookers Hospitality Upgrade Breaking down the customer journey into its constituent parts, makes it easier to understand the different steps and the types of information available to the customer.
Redefining Hotel Revenue Management Leadership Hotel Executive As hotel companies and brands align their revenue generation under the Chief Commercial Officer, this alignment hasn’t trickled down to the property level.
Five Steps For Hotels To Recession-proof Their Websites Phocuswire Keeping their finger on the direct channel’s pulse will allow hoteliers to steer through the recession, and come out in an even stronger position than their competitors.
Creating Digital Anticipation for Spa Services Hotel Executive Hotels that have spas should think comprehensively, not just about the services and treatments they provide, but also about the messaging that will evoke the strongest sense of anticipation to encourage them to book treatments during their stay
HSMAI (US) Commercial Strategy Week Recap The Hotels Network At the end of June, I attended the HSMAI Commercial Strategy week in Orlando. It was a valuable chance to connect with colleagues and the wider industry, and there were a number of enlightening presentations that mapped out the present circumstances and the possible future of our industry – insights that I would like to share with you here.
Increase Wedding Planner Conversion on the Hotel Website Hospitality Upgrade Leverage personalization to target and convert wedding planners.
Superhero Powers – The Secret to Transforming Your Hotel Website Hospitality Net Hotel websites can easily and quickly undergo a transformation that will make the ordinary hotel website absolutely extraordinary.
How to Convert Meeting, Event and Wedding Planners on Your Website  Hotel Executive The hotel marketing team needs to make a decision as to whether or not they want to invest time and energy to support the sales team in driving more leads through the website
The Paradox of the Past  Hospitality Net Looking at a hotel’s direct channel website performance in isolation can lead to mediocre results.
Top 9 Digital Marketing Trends to Drive Bookings and Revenue  Revenue Hub Trends that affect the hospitality industry and offer interesting opportunities for hotels to improve the guest experience and drive more business:
Is AI Marketing Real or Just a Buzzword?  Hospitality Upgrade When it comes to artificial intelligence (AI), the way it’s represented in movies and books creates assumptions — and confusion — about what it can do and the practicality of its application in the business marketplace.
The Power of Advanced Targeting in Personalizing the Online Guest Experience  Hospitality Upgrade If the ownership team directs the hotel team to keep its budget flat to the previous year — as media costs rise — the hotel’s traffic will go down.
Digital Marketing in a Resource-Constrained Hotel  eHotelier Hotels need to act as if the workers they have are all they will have for the near future.
How to Measure the Success of Third-Party Solutions on your Website  MarTech Outlook A goal of the hotel website is to entice the person researching and engage them to book on their hotel website rather than have them go back to their prior OTA channel.
Digital Trends to Improve the Guest Experience and Drive More Business  Hospitality Net Trends that HSMAI Marketing Advisory Board members are navigating in this ever-evolving digital landscape
Budget Distributions: Investing in Teams and Technology  Lodging The best way to make flat marketing budgets go further is to invest in the hotel team and invest in new conversion technologies on the hotel website.
The Annual Sale that Hotels Need to Embrace  Hospitality Net An untapped opportunity to boost hotel sales at the start of January
How to Collaborate with your Hybrid Team  Hotels Magazine It is very important to keep remote associates engaged.
Three Keys to Doing More With Less  Hotels Magazine The best way to do more with less is cross-training associates, setting clear expectations with all stakeholders and leaning on partners.
What Makes The Hotel Marketer Unique  Hospitality Upgrade To properly deliver the right message at the right time on the right channel to the right audience requires a range of skills and holistic understanding of the buyer journey.
Evolution of MarTech Amid the Pandemic  MarTech Outlook The two words I would use, to sum up the evolution of marketing technologies revolve around speed and specialization.

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