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Meta has introduced Voicebox, a versatile generative AI model that can assist with audio editing, sampling, styling, and even enable users to speak foreign languages in their own voice​1​.

What is the purpose of the AI model, Voicebox?
A) To generate 3D models
B) To assist with audio editing, sampling, and styling
C) To predict the weather
D) To cook meals

What unique feature does Voicebox offer for speech generation?
A) It can only generate speech in English
B) It allows users to speak in any foreign language in their own voice
C) It can mimic any animal sounds
D) It can predict what a person is going to say next

What are the capabilities of the Voicebox model?
A) It can recreate a portion of speech that’s interrupted by noise or replace misspoken words
B) It can produce a reading of a text in English, French, German, Spanish, Polish or Portuguese, even when the sample speech and the text are in different languages
C) It can generate speech that is more representative of how people talk in the real world and in six languages
D) All of the above

The Bottom Line:

With its wide range of capabilities, Voicebox can be a powerful tool for content creators and marketers, allowing easy editing and styling of audio tracks, and the ability to communicate in multiple languages in a user’s own voice can broaden the reach of communication to a global audience.

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Article Name: “Introducing Voicebox: The Most Versatile AI for Speech Generation”