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American Express GBT is leveraging generative AI, including large language models (LLMs), to enhance productivity in business travel by aiding in tasks such as interpreting unstructured travel policy information and improving handling times in traveler care operations, while also acknowledging the challenges and the need for a balance between AI and human intelligence.

Who is using generative AI to improve productivity in their business travel services?
A) Google
B) OpenAI
C) American Express GBT

What is one of the main challenges with generative AI mentioned in the article?
A) Limited data access
B) High energy consumption
C) Model hallucination
D) Lack of skilled workforce

How does the article suggest generative AI, specifically LLMs, could be utilized in handling travel policies?
A) By creating new travel policies
B) By enforcing travel policies strictly
C) By reading and interpreting unstructured and nuanced travel policy information
D) By replacing human travel counselors entirely

Bottom Line:
Marketers in the travel industry should note that while AI, and specifically generative AI, has the potential to greatly enhance productivity and personalize experiences, it is not a complete replacement for human interaction and intelligence. Successful companies will strike the right balance, using AI to handle repetitive tasks and free up human agents to focus on creative problem-solving and better serving traveler priorities.


C) American Express GBT
C) Model hallucination
C) By reading and interpreting unstructured and nuanced travel policy information

Article Name: AI Insights: Generative AI in business travel
Link: PhocusWire https://www.phocuswire.com/ai-insights-generative-ai-in-business-travel